The Classical Arts Foundation is a project in its infancy stages, planted in the heart of some homeschooling moms, born out of desperation and desire to hold on to the deep and beautiful roots of what was once western civilization.

CAF’s goal is to grow into a source of promoting true beauty, which, as we know leads to Beauty, Himself.The gifts of classical art, classical music, classical literature, classical rhetoric, must be preserved.

We must help future generations to understand the beauty, truth, and goodness do not lie in the eye of beholder, but that they have objective qualities that must be preserved for the glory of Beauty, Himself and salvation of souls.

In general, these extremely important aspects of a child’s education are not provided for in today’s schools – neither public, nor private.

Our hope is that through the Classical Arts Foundation, others will join the village in working for the preservation of the classical arts through education; presentations, workshops, classical performances, the building up of scholae(choirs proficient in the native music of the Roman Catholic Church – namely Gregorian chant, and also sacred polyphony) and many other beautiful things that God has in-store for us.


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